Moving can feel like a mammoth endeavor. I know because I’ve done it.


If you’re like me, you might have noticed a lack of comprehensive moving resources for (recovering?) Type-A personalities. You know, those of us who need: lists, checklists, a binder to hold the lists together, and maybe… Well, maybe one more list. Just in case!

woman hugging baby and a toddler

As a busy mom of two little boys, I’m all about keeping things as simple, streamlined, and strategic as possible. Whether you’re house-hunting, moving cross-country, or just juggling the day-to-day, I hope Move Mama Move is an indispensable source of support during important transitions.

About me? I love exploring, being Mom to two toddlers, making lists (I feel like I already mentioned that), traveling, and enjoying good food with good company. I’ve lived in 11 cities in 7 states, and I moved 15 times in a decade.

I’m probably a lot like you—I just move more!

If the tips I’ve learned help you move with ease and organizational flow you never thought possible, then I’m one happy Mama. 

I’ve completed DIY moves where I did it all, full-service moves where someone else did the heavy lifting (literally), and hybrid moves that were somewhere in-between. 

Through a whirlwind of trial-and-error, I learned the importance of:

  • One day at a time, one box at a time
  • Keeping all your notes together
  • Collecting move-related communications in a centralized place
  • Asking all the questions—that’s how you get (almost) all the answers!

Whether you’re swapping coasts or just coasting to the other side of town, I hope Move Mama Move empowers you to feel excited, organized, and enthusiastic about your next chapter. 

Move over, Moving Stress. There’s a new Mama in town.